Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Current Crochet

Although I'm not blogging I am still keeping up with the things I used to blog about, so as well as still buying polish and painting my nails regularly I have been keeping up with my crochet too, obviously James has been helping me...
This is a baby blanket I made and as you can see from the picture above I finally got around to ordering the bits and pieces required to block things properly which has made a huge difference to the finished articles.

I've also made another baby blanket with the multicoloured yarn I bought a while back and posted about HERE.
It was pre blocking supplies which I am a bit annoyed about as I could have made those edges perfectly straight with my new goodies, but aside from that I think it turned out pretty well.

Finally another baby blanket, which is what I am working on currently, for some reason the photos refuse to load / post the right way, so tip your head to the side for the full 'right way up' effect.

I have acquired quite a lot of new yarn so I have a few ideas in the pipeline and I really must make the effort to get going on them, I'm running out of room to store the yearn so it needs to turn into something fast mostly so I can go out and buy more. ;)

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  1. Very nice! And I love your cat - looks so happy their :-)