Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ombre Stamps

This manicure didn't exactly turn out as I meant it to.  After the glitter gradient disaster of the weekend I decided to try an ombre / gradient style manicure over the purple I was wearing, sadly that didn't go too well so I thought a stamp, or two, over the top would disguise it.  I'm not particularly happy with how it turned out but from a distance my nails look pretty good so I decided to keep it on for the day.

There are two Kiko polishes and a No7 for the gradient / ombre part, China Glaze Cheers to you for the animal print stamp and then Island Girl colour change neon pink for the lips and sunbursts.  I was initially going to do lips on all of the nails but they weren't showing up too well so I swapped to sunbursts for the second hand, sadly these didn't show up too well either... 

Despite the fact I'm not 100% happy with them they are my most commented on nails for some time so I guess they look better to other people from a distance than they do to me up close, which is no bad thing!

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