Monday, 10 January 2011

The latest obsession...

My interest in cosmetics and beauty products tends to ebb and flow over time, some months I am obsessive about my eyes, some months what I am using on my lips, recent months I have gone back to an age old favourite of mine, my nails.

Since mid-summer last year (around about the time I posted the Nail Varnish entry on this blog) I have been getting right back into my nails and the painting of them. Unfortunately this has also led me to read lots of nail blogs and frequent the nail board on MUA which is costing me rather a lot of money.

So, I thought since blogs (and the editing of them) now appear to have been unblocked from my work network I would update mine with some shots of recent nails. Time (and interest) dependant I am hoping to update fairly regularly to keep a visual record of what I've been wearing.

For ease of finding them again I am going to do each brand in a new post and then once I am caught up a bit post daily pictures, pictures to follow...

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